Mistakes to Avoid When Filing LTC Claims

Dr. Stana Martin earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and taught for many years at various Universities.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Martin has been in the long term care insurance arena. She had a need for long term care services and left her full time university teaching to help families better prepare for this time in life. As her clients aged and went on claim, it became clear that the claim process was more document intensive than most claimants could manage on their own.

Further, she found that the adult children were typically swamped with managing the care itself. Few of them understood the process of a claim or had the energy to “wrangle” all the documents necessary to get a claim paying. She would be the first to defend insurance companies’ need to do due diligence. Sadly, fraud is as rampant in this industry as it is in any industry. 

Dr. Martin exists to serve families as they face care and need help understanding the contract and/or filing the claim. Her personal passion is to help families whether this season of life better. Helping people get the money they need from their policies is one more tool to meet that goal.

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